Glyphs and their upgrades

Im a lil confused about Dark Argatha, I am looking at glyphs and there hasnt been any 3 pip glyphs in the AH for weeks. Ive been reading about Dark argatha and saw that you can farm point (300) to get a 4 pip glyphs. So does that mean that I can buy 4 pip glyphs from a npc or does that mean that I can make a 3 pip into a 4 pip glyphs? Also ive read that you can buy distillates at a npc in new dawn? I havnt been able to find him. Where exactly is he? Thanks in advance!

You can combine the 300 fragments from DA into an Elaborate Imbuer, which turns a 3pip (needs to be purple i think?) into a 4pip. You can either farm the fragments yourself, or buy them from others on the AH.

Once you have finished the story in New Dawn, you should get a message from some dude along with a small side mission. Finding him, he becomes the only shop in the area, and you can buy buy stuff from him with the Dawn currency. Mostly cosmetics, but also distillates, not big ones, but distillates all the same =).

NPC Location:
He is in the room beside yours in the Anointed area.

  1. Lack of 3pip glyphs on AH happens, they drop randomly and some people don’t sell them for MoFs but instead vendor for shards.
  2. Dark Agartha sourced upgrades only work on 3 pip glyphs, you can’t buy 4 pip glyphs from NPCs, but you can buy the shards for upgrade item from AH.
  3. New Dawn NPC vendor will sell you distillate bags for 5 Dawn Favour, but only after you finish main storyline in the zone. He won’t appear before that.

I have finished the main story, infact I have been doing quests to farm animashard. I really like playing Farmer.

To bad that it only works on 3 pip glyphs. Will keep my eye open on the AH.

Could anyone show me where at the map the npc is in new dawn?

The map coords are 441, 438 :slight_smile:

Allowing the Elaborate Glyph Imbuer to work on lower-quality glyphs would significantly reduce the value of intricate glyphs and Glyph Anima Imbuers.

Yea I found him at the coordinates provides, just sitting there ! I turned in all my points for distillates