Where to learn hot to build glyphs

Where and how do you get Glyph making capabilities in-game? I have a ton of Glyph Distillate I need to use, and I cannot find where to make Glyph anywhere. I know in the Original Secret World, it was in “The Occultists Cookbook”, which appears to no longer be there. I heard the proper mission is in Blue Mountain? Help?

You have to wait until you get blue gear to put them into your gear, but I think you start getting glyph bags in Egypt from missions. Sorry, it’s been too long for me to remember. You can also buy them in the auction house by going to the red vest vendors in Agartha or pressing H to bring up the window. If you go to upgrade in the first drop down list and search glyph (or choose glyph from the second drop down list) and hit search, you can buy them.

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The tutorial mission for glyphs is from the sasquatches in Blue Mountain.

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Thank you so much!

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Thank you!

If you are leveling fairly fast you will get your first glyph or two in blue mountain, but you can buy them from AH even before you get your first blue item to put them in. You have failed to take advantage of your opportunities.