God System Revamp suggestion! Benifits and drawbacks!

So i know alot of people want this system to be expanded and i want to be able to contribute what i can since i really like the idea of this game. So i thought up some ideas for Benifits and drawbacks to go with each of the current gods. Given some of these will likely need tweaking but would atleast get the ball rolling i hope.

First up the most obvious. Crom
Benefit: None
Drawback: None

Next is Set
Benefit: Bonus to sorcery of some kind most likely stronger or cheaper spells.
Drawback: Mitra worshiping npc are always hostile including the priest thralls. Snakes are more likely to bite you over others (Giving you their blessing.)

Next Yog
Benefit. More violent melee combat after having recently consumed human flesh. (You take less damage and deal more!)
Drawback: You cannot eat vegitation if you do you become sick and take serious penalties to physical attributes. (Makes sense seeing as Yog worshipers only eat meat and their body wouldn’t handle other food well.)

Next Mitra.
Benefit: Resistance to poison and mind altering sorcery! (Hard enemy is Set after all.)
Drawback: All set worshiping npcs are hostile and serious drawbacks to using sorcery since Mitra worshipers do not use magic!

Next Ymir.
Benefit. Resistance to cold and damage!
Drawback: Weak to hot areas!

Next Derketo.
Benefit. Stronger more resilient thralls. Not by much mind you.
Drawback. Thralls take longer to break.

Next Bel.
Benefit: Increased light armor protection, Dagger damage and stamina.
Drawback: While wearing Bel gear all npcs that are not yours are hostile as you are marked as a thief!

Next Jhebbal sag.
Benefit: Briefly take control of nearby wildlife to fight along side you! (Doesn’t work on bosses!)
Drawback: Decreased efficiency of heavy armor and less primal gear!

Next Gullah
Unfortunately i can’t find a whole lot on this guy other than he was worshiped by the picts. So i don’t really have enough to create a benefit drawback idea for him. My apologizes.

(There are a massive amount of more gods in conans world and i hope to see everyone of them get their own unique stuff opening new styles of play and for those of you that are unaware of how many there are take a look here.) http://aoc.wikia.com/wiki/Gods Still the god system should have a much larger impact on your play than what it already has and i hope this post will more or less get the ball rolling. I hope the devs will chime in on here as well so we can see what they have to say on the matter!