More gods and deities

I love the religion aspect of conan exiles because it is what makes it stand out, and after some research I found there are other interesting gods and deities in the conan universe. Here are the few that I think are unique.

  1. Zath: the giant spider god of darkness, poison, and spiders: Unique in that fact lots of his rituals involve giant spiders and their feeding and care. More of a living deity then an actual god but I would like it because TBH I would just like this so I can sacrifice useless thralls to a pit of hungry spiders
  2. Ibis: the god of knowledge, learning and magic. An active enemy of Set: interesting due to the fact their religion actively teaches magic which may be implemented into the game, also he lacks an Avatar. He is also known for granting his followers immense knowledge. Also fun fact he supposedly has 3 great books containing all knowledge known to him, said to be locked in a massive crypt (possible dungeon maybe)
  3. Erlick: God of Undeath and trials: his priests are able to perform horrific necromancies such as sinking into the ground and command the undead
  4. Ishtar: goddess of fertility and bounty: Not much is known about this one except for that unlike most religions it uses bronze statues instead of altars, also unique in the fact she uses animal sacrifices instead of human ones. Maybe she gets special fertilizer or if animal breeding is added in a boost to their production or breeding rate.

If I were to pick new gods to come into the game (and I hope that such will happen down the line, if only to keep things fresh and interesting), I’d go for Dagon, Asura, Ahriman, Erlik, Hanuman, and/or Bel.

How about giving all relgions priest,high priest and Arch priest first. I can’t use her avatar.

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Thanks for agreeing with Erlik he’s a cool god. Hanuman would be interesting, ahriman is an interesting one as all gods hate him, asura is an interesting one due to reincarnation, Bel is an odd one due to no unifying worship

Nice but can we get a derketo priest as a first step? :smiley:

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Yeah that would also be fun

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Yes please . We need more Gods .

We should at least be given gods from all cultures that already are in-game. Makes little sense for a khitan to worship Mitra or Set.

Also fix the current ones first.

Also, maybe incorporate magic at the same time as the gods are the hyborean world’s way of using magic. Make sacrifising of tier 4 slaves and permanent healthloss in exchange for god-spesific powers a thing.

More gods would be cool, but, they are 6 gods for now, I would prefer they work on new features first, like mount, sorcery, city-life, other things, because the religion feature is already rich and good, and other features are missing (sorcery, mount) or incomplete (settlement system, with city life, more configurable thralls, and things they planned)

Agree on city life ! :slight_smile: But don’t you think sorcery is entwined with the god worshiping?

Yes, and it would be a good idea, like taming system, what come with new god: Jhebbal Sag , lord of beast, I think it will be link.

I’d love to see Bel added to the available deities. That would cover Shem and to a lesser extent Zamora, though adding the zamoran deity Zath (spider god) would be nice as well.

Shem is already covered by Derketo and possibly both Set and Mitra(?) so if we have to choose i’d choose Erlik for the hyrkanians among us.

Is Jhebbal Sag really about control over animals tho? I have understood him as more of a satan-ish character that uses animals to birth his hell spawn and therefor a more old fashioned fire and brimstone demon?

I do need to fix the gods they have already have they all could use a little bit of love

I would probably put ishtar in with the animal taming update as her worship involves animals and animal sacrifices.

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