New Religion - Maybe?

I’d really like to see either Ishtar or Wiccana added.

We have a god or a goddess for pretty much every weapon type. Except the bow.

Wicanna is a nature or healing diety which could give healing items. Maybe better bandages or potions? She could help manufacture potions which help resist temperatures etc. Really the skys the limit with a nature dirty.

She could use a bow.

Ishtar on the other hand is well mentioned in the Conan Stories. She functions much like Derketo in the fact that she is about duality. But usually considdered fertility. She brings harvest so perhaps she would make a better or mystical version of the planters. Shes a little more complicated because she is mainly known for her ivory bossoms as opposed to much else.

I think these would be fitting and might compliment the game.


want more gods, but not axacly with this items and avatar abilities you specified
we already have yog and mitra with heal items

and avatars with bows will be overpowered or useless like Derketo

What’s wrong with an avatar with a bow that does the same damage as the other bows of the same level?

I get that bows are not that popular. But we have daggers, makes, a sword, a spear and an axe.

Considdering even the flawless DLC bows are close to legendary it would not be OP at all.

As for healing. We have Yog and Mitra. What would the harm be.

Wicanna could at least offer some other potion options.

She could have a cycle as a tool. Of course by the lore it would be genderlocked to female characters.

Ishtar just comes a lot up in the book.

I think they should add Zath, the spider god, and revamp the Gods attacks and moves, so Zath and Set could climb.


Oddly Zath was part of my old clans name.

I’d be fine with Zath. And since silk is used in the creation of bows that would be cool.

What if it gave special bindings for roping in thrall. That would also be cool

i thought you mean the avatar of god, who shoots from a bow sorry >w>

or i will not really understand you. the religion which allow you to craft bow like a star metal bow or a bit better are fine, but avatar (i mean that true name of god what you used in the inventory) will be overpowered cause it dont need to be close to buildings to attack it or it will be useless cause it range like a melee attack >w>


No. An Avatar with a Bow would be insane.

Sorry for the misscomunication.

Are Hera or Ares in the Conan mythology? Because I’d like the option of a Greek god.

You are correct. Many months ago … even before the Jhebbal Sag religion was released to live … Funcom stated that Jhebbal Sag would be the last religion added to the game.

they also said during early that religion will be worked more with in depth mecanic for loyal servant, as the example they choose was that Zath adept could not be attack by spider, set acolyte could be imune to poison, ect…

Yog is from Conan, but is based on the Outer God Yog-Sothoth.


I remember hearing that somewhere as well, but it’s a bit of a shame. I also vaguely remember there also being files in the game data to suggest that Bel was also a potential religion to be added - these were found around the time people started noticing references for Derketo and Jhebbal Sag so it just goes to show how long ago it was, though.

How many religions did this game have to begin with?

It started with 4 religions (Mitra, Set, Yog and Crom), Ymir and Derketo were added during EA and Jhebbal Sag was brought to the game post launch with the pet system.

Good to know. Thanks.

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Lovecraft, but in Howard’s books. If you like Lovecraft you should read Robert E. Howard’s Conan series. They where pen pals, and thus Yog was born, as well as the tower of the elephant and other things.

Is there any stated reason why the devs won’t add more religions or overhaul the religion system?

Just seems odd to confine religions to the existing few, given that some of the most interesting - Xotli, Zath, Bel, Ishtar - are still available to have content built around them. There is the forgotten shrine to Hanuman as well.

Athena would have a shield and maybe a javelin for her religion and be focused on knowledge/warfare.
Ares would give maybe a Corinthian style helm and maybe armor too. The focus of his religion would be pure warfare. So, maybe one of the two.

In the game, religions are closely linked to large group of people already in the place and praying one God in particular : Jhebbal Sag have the Dogs, Sepermeru are mostly setites, all Nordheimir pray Ymir, as we’re on Darfari territory there’s Yog, Derketo was added with her Lemurian followers… and Mitra is the universal god if there is any so probably a large percentage of exiles prays him.

Si, another religion in the game, why not ! But it has to have a fairly good link too with a population large enough to have priests, altars, etc…