Godbreaker armor went from end game armor to a overpriced pointless armor?


I’ve just notice that the godbreaker armour stats got mostly removed. For all the trouble you go thru to craft it it’s now no better than regular armour bonus wise all the attribute bonus got reduced to +1. I got no idea why they keep breaking the base game as much as they can first removed the relevance of most crafting thralls and now making one of the most expansive armour in the game basically pointless. I’m quite disappointed with the direction they are suddenly taking. I’ll keep the game on hold for a while just refreshing timers until they figure what they want their game to be i guess.


The pattern here appears to be that an op item gets added to the game and then later nerfed or overshadowed by a new even more op item. It’s kind of a common tactic in a lot of online multiplayer games. Personally, I think it’s incredibly cynical on the part of the publisher/games developer, but I get why they do it. They gotta drive people to buy their new content some how.


Does it matter what flavor of armorer you have at the bench when crafting the Godbreaker armor? Ie. does a T4 X-wright produce a different stat bonus than a T2 Y-wright?

Godbreaker armor seems less about the stats and more about the perks. Technically it’s still the highest armor value in the game, and with the new shieldwright thralls it should be even higher, but the healing, stamina regen, and weapon repair perks are pretty unique and seem to be the main point.

If you’re saying that it’s not worth the massive amount of farming you have to do to make the armor - well no argument there. This seems more like end-game bragging rights armor than something you’d actually farm for use.

Plus to be honest end game or not its ugly lol sorry had to say. Better add IMO!

It also gives 100% resistance to heat and cold. No other armor I know of does that. Very useful when you run across a base in PvP where the defenders are using heat anti-climb.

I totally disagree that it is not worth it and only for bragging rights. We use the Godbreaker Helmets for all of our thralls. High durability helmets are a must to protect your thralls on PvP servers.

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Honestly not sure why they kept it.

Does it not burn you that you paid for that armor in a DLC and they messed it up?

godbreaker armor is not dlc content , it’s the armor you can craft after finishing (multiple times) the Warmaker dungeon .

yeah you are right my bad it is not paid for armor.

Did they reduce the stat bonus for the Champions set as well? My champion helmet only gives +1 to grit now, pretty sure it was higher in the past?

Short answer = Yes

Same for all old armours really.

That means, God Breaker, Silent legion too.

What the “new” stats, craft a new one, but that “sucks” too considering the cost, so I haven’t made a new al tho I can make it, can they nerfed them once, they can do it again.

Oh if you craft a new version it has the better stats?

yes , depending on if you have a T4 armorer ( and what type of t4 armorer since there are 3 specialisation , one that gives armor bonus , one that gives durability bonus and one that gives weight reduction bonus )

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