Golem HP visual bug

My golem’s hp bar is currently showing 80866/12825. earlier it was showing 33678/12825. when he gets into combat his hp goes back to normal (hes only got around 2k hp remaining) but once out of combat it jumps up to numbers as previously stated.
he is build out of brimstone stone head, iron arms (sword right arm), one brimstone iron leg, one brimstone crystalline leg, and the lotus burner torso. he is burning purple lotus powder.
this visual bug is happening on an official server, exiled lands #1821

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I have same. All of my golems do that. I posted that with screen shoot few days ago. But no one else seems to have that same issue, I didn’t get any reply to it…

I have the same. It goes back to normal, when they get attacked. However, I had one of golems in the half of his HP two days ago, and the next day he was fully healed.

Also, you can’t change their names, because after restart of server they get back their default “guardian golem” name back. Tried three times, still the same result and it’s kinda frustrating, I can’t tell them from each other easily.


I get the same bug, and I usually notice it on golems that have already taken damage / have less than max HP.

The golem taking damage or me hitting it usually fixes the issue, although I’ve noticed a secondary bug where my thralls will aggro on the golem if the one I hit has Tar or Brimstone mods.

I can also second the user above’s claim about the names. Both the golems’ names and attack behavior status get reset for me with every server restart… it very annoying.

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