Golems added as base defense

A clan can create 1 Golem per clan. Golems have special bonuses. Golem can’t be harmed by players. Golem can’t harm players.

The clan leader can destroy or create there clan’s Golem any time. Golems can’t be permanent destroy by creatures and NPC’s.

You have to upgrade a golem from T1 to T3.

Metallic golems are immune to weather effects.

Bone/Dragon bone golems always regen health. Even when knock out.

Wooden golems can heal from water orbs and the rain. Wood golems take 2x fire damage. Animals and creatures will not attack wood golems. Even if the wood golems harms the creature or animal.

Stone/brick golems heals from sandstorms.

Here are the Golem types:

T1 Golems: Are fastest golems. Easy to make. They are fastest golems to make. They are also weakest of there Golem group. Easy to maintenance.

Stone Golem: Made of stone. Immune to sandstorm damaged.

Bone Golem: Uses Bones of your enemies to create this golem. Bone golems are only golems able to auto regen.

Wood Golem: Made of wood. Wood Golems has a painsplit on enemies. Half the damaged on wood golem is shared with its attacker.

Iron Golem: Made of Iron bars. Best defense of T1 golems, but worst speed of T1 golems.

T2 Golems. Better defense and attack than T1. T2 are slower Golems than T1 Golems. T2 crafting time is slower than T1 crafting time. T2 Golem maintenance isn’t as easy as T1 golems maintenance.

Brick Golem: Made out of bricks. Better version of stone golem.

Shaped Wood: Made out of Shaped wood. Better version of wood golem.

Steel Golem: Made out of steel. Better version of Iron Golem.

T3 Golems: Consider best defense and Attack golems. The T3 golems has the worst speed,crafting speed and pain in booty maintenance.

Harden Brick Golem: Made from Harden Bricks. Better version of brick golem.

Insulated Wood golem: Made from insulated wood. Better version of shaped wood golem.

Dragonbone Golem: Made from dragon bones. Better version of bone golem.

Harden Steel Golem: Made from Harden Steel. Better version of steel golem.

A golem is built by creating a golem core. The core is place down near your base. A clan’s core can’t be pick up by anyone other than its clan leader.

If they now may be lost permanently due to purge attacking, I think it would be fine.
Costs of each? I guess alchemic base is a must in those recipes - just as well as demon blood; maybe corrupted stones as well?

Generally, this idea sounds interesting. However, a single golem would probably not help with anything at all. Only in rather rare spots.

A basic stone Golem cost 1000 stone just to create.

The repair is the real kicker. To create: T1 1000 of that resource. T2 2000 of that resource. T3 3000 of that resource.

A golem core requires 100 demon blood,100 Obsidian,100 star metal bars, 200 brimstone,300 coal and 500 crystal.

When a golem dies it turns back to its core. The core regens if Bone/Dragon bone golem. The other golems needs you to repair them. Golems: have huge HP pools. Golems only reform at 100% repair.

The core is create in a furnace.

You know speed is walking speed,running speed and attacking speed.

Repair on golem is a nightmare. Golem should be consider your last defense option. Here the list of defense. From what should be your base defense on what’s easy to replace to hardest to replace.

1.) Base defense items and traps

2.) Layer walls gates. Mean a wall around your base.

3.) Thralls/Pets

4.) Players

5.) Golem

6.) Base

Golems could be useful defense against the purge.

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