Golems So far , even a bug i can see that need fixing

Ok so i tested it out a little , the thing with it is that The crafting menu of it is clearly need updating. Its not easy to understand what the hell im looking at it chaotic at best. I had to literally spawn in item in my SP game just because i couldnt understand why some were craftable and other are not.

Clearly I understand this is still using Crafting menu EA of day one … THIS STUFF OF BROWN HEADACHE NEED TO BE UPDATED, To better reflect of the golem crafting for example you have some are like ok I need torso of this + tar … Where is the torso in the sea of crafting icon … I have to navigate it through this broken ass crafting menu that makes no sense. This is what im proposing , Chuck that Recipe item for the Golem out of the window …

Next make Tabs in the crafting menu for each body part , Head , torso , arm and leg.

Organization Is key for crafting. This just look like a jumble mess of a 3rd grader in art school.

Next is the bug where if you are teleporting or just moving away while the golem on follow , it doesnt have any drop off if out of range of current harvest node , Suggestion on change to this ,

IF player is moving from golem by 150 unit , while golem is on follow , then follow player /drop node … IF golem teleport , then clear harvest node location and follow player instead.

Or something more dynamic , also It would be nice to have a way to put on Harvest mode turn on or off in the golem behavior wheel.

Also i would like to add that While i understand that you guys want us to be a golem factory while cannot repair the golem. But the current golem are just too weak to have as a buddy around. Here what i propose Let us repair the golem using repair kit , but each time we use a repair kit the Max Hp drop by 1% call it fracturing weakness.

Repair kit depend on tier → 25%-> 50%-> 75%-> 100% hp repairing

Also during the Harvest plant … I notice how the golem cannot do aoe swing to get more like that player can … I vote that we allow golem to harvest aoe to have a Spin attack that rotate its entire body 360 and harvest the area all at once instead of going at it one by one plant … i swear i can just about watch paint dry faster then the golem can finish harvesting.

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I agree about the organization for crafting.
But for handling the golem, while it probably change in the future, for now I think its just a matter of learning how to use them. I tell the golem to come back, then to stop, then I go and take away the thing in he’s inventory so he doesn’t keep looking for it, that simple. The whole system is already a huge help for farming. If we ask for more we might aswell just watch a stream of somebody else playing.

Honestly, I don’t know what to do with the golem. It fails both as a combatant and as a resource gatherer. So if it is not good with any of them, what is it good for?

It fails as a combatant in that it can’t be repaired and it has low damage compared to your thralls. In a drawn-out fight like in a dungeon or if ganged up by tough enemies like mammoth or bears, you stand a really good chance that it will die half-way through the fight and you will be left fighting alone. Don’t tell me every time I go north for star metal, I will have to craft a squeaky brand-new golem. Either way, if it can’t keep up with the thralls in damage output and survivability, there is no point taking it into battle or escort duty.

Then it fails as a resource gatherer. I made an iron golem and make it go mining for metal. Per node of metal it is only able to gather 20 ore!!! What a waste of nodes. Ok so lets say the crystalline golem should fare better since its higher quality - the weapon is hardened steel. But how much better, twice more? 3x more? Even if it is 3x more, it will only harvest 60 per node. But if you do it yourself, it will be 2x faster and you will get 100+ ore per node. The difference is just so huge. And mind you the nodes are not infinite, there are just a few per cluster.

Therefore if it fails as a combatant and as a gatherer, then it can only be a base decoration. Bound to never see action in its existence. If it can’t be repaired, at least allow us to change its weapon. Maybe if we can give it a legendary war hammer, it will gather more resources per node or dish out a decent damage that it can kill the enemy before it is destroyed.

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The light in the head is a good idea by the way.

I agree with part of ideas!
And one more. Buying crystal golem parts only through NPC and ONLY one piece per long period is a damn bad idea, especially in singleplayer.
So which decisions do I vote for:

  • Add a crystal golem as Knowledge for the player / or make it possible to purchase any part of the crystal golem from NPC trader without stupid timers;
  • Unlock basic stone golem Knowledge with no cost;
  • Remove lights on the sorcerer’s workbenches (or make them switchable)
  • Ordered crafting menu
  • Make golems repairable
  • Do something with golem AI and increase resource extraction rate.

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