Golems stop harvesting on single player after logging out and back in

Basic Info:

Platform: Xbox Series X
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: N/A

Bug Description:

I found that every time I log out in my single player world, the golems that I previously placed who were actively collecting resources no longer collect anything.

Bug Reproduction:

Order a golem to collect resources, then log out. Log back in. Note they no longer collect anything in the area. (Optional steps): Kick them in anger. Curse as you bruise your toe.


On my game (PC, single player), most golems continue harvesting most of the time.

I have on that doesn’t, he’s just frozen. And another one worked in the beginning, but seems to have stopped at a later date, after collecting 4k of plant fibre and sundries. Maybe he’s not into grinding.

Sometimes, it helps to move them to another spot. Maybe giving them new orders does something, too.

With Single Player on your Xbox, the instant you log out, the server stops. They won’t harvest anything when you’re not in the game. Just do a lap in admin mode when you log into your game to inform your golems their smoko break is over and get their shiny metal ■■■■■ back to harvesting


All three of them in my single play on PC refuse to harvest anymore after the first game restart. Moving them was of no use. Now I think to take all of them somewhere to be killed by NPCs to harvest Blood Crystals. They urgently need one more command “Go to work lasy ones!” in their radial menu.

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Same as some colleagues of mine.

Taking the lazy-goers to be killed to harvest their blood… interesting idea, I’ll take that into consideration.

Personally, I find Golems useful against purges:
• Have a few solid T4 Fighter Thralls
• Give them anything that serves as a Sandstorm Mask (Godbreaker Helmet is highest Armor Value)
• Have a few Thralls with bows, their stats don’t matter, give them Poison Arrows (Noxious Gas)
• Add a few Golems with Brimstone Coating, they will release Noxious Acid which stacks with the Gas.

Of course, don’t do that against Undead or Rocknose purges :rofl:

Back to Golem Harvesting… They are super slow and only have the same Harvesting Power as Star Metal Tools (14) without any upgrade… I know people want to see harvesting being automated, but even with just your own Star Metal Tools (or Acheronian, same Harvesting Power but Hardened Steel instead of Star Metal for repair), an Advanced Tool Upgrade Kit (+3 Harvesting Power), go full Expertise and suddenly you have a massive amount of resources in 10mn, much more than what your lazy and slow Golems would harvest in several hours XD

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I have 10+ golems on more servers. I think this is happening online as well, as was said before - sometimes the golems stop and freeze and do nothing, even though they have free spots in their inventory and resources to harvest.

Stone harvesting golems also may appear to be just walking around the area and doing nothing, but the sad truth is that they also harvest by picking up single rocks from the ground (insanly slowly), instead of aiming on bigger nodes. :smile:

So far the only solution for unfreezing inactive golems was to give them “follow” order and leave them in “scouting” mode right away. They usually restart and get back to their job.

Doesn’t work, I’ve tried flying around the map, sending them away and having them wander back, they’re just brainless wastes of space

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Seeing your in Single Player, you could break bond with the disobedient golems, admin in some replacement parts and see if the fresh ones exhibit the same behaviour. Hell, I’d babysit one to make sure it’s doing it’s job

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Golem Harvesting is quite useful online if you put some of them in some busy place. On Official server I live besides a couple of other bases so there always is someone passing by and waking up my Golems. It gives me a steady passive income of Stone, Wood, Branches, Plant Fiber and various insects for household needs. Of course I gather resources myself if I need more.

It’s of no use. I’ve put three of them, two Stone ones and one Iron one, and all three refuse to work. I tried to take them on follow, to put them on guard in another spot, to run out of rendering distance and return - just nothing.

Having just logged on I would like to add that their health appears to reset as well

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