Good Alternative to Gportal?

I’m new to renting servers so I went with gportal as it seems that’s what Funcom prefers.
I’ve had problems with my server “updating” for 1-6 hours a few times now.
I often change mods and other things under “basic settings” and have to stop, start, restart the server and it seems more likely than not, I’ll run into one extremely long update.

Is this common for gportal and other server rental services? If not, can someone recommend a better alternative?

I used to have Gportal server too but not anymore - too many problems.

So I went for Nitrado and I am more than happy :slight_smile: (you can check and control your server via your smartphone).

Thanks, I’ll check that out.

Nitrado is a good choice! My Server is also rented from Nitrado :slight_smile:

Is it possible to transfer my save from gportal to Nitrado?

It is! I did it too and it is easy. Just download your saved server status from Gportal server (via FTP) and upload it to the new server and voila - everything will be the same (players, buildings, world, items…).

i, i used GTXgamming, good perf but they are not the cheapest.

And ofc if you take your databse befor changing provider you can use it for new one

Alternativly you could host a server yourself - ich you own home.
Just set up a PC as dedicated server. Works pretty good. (As long, as you have a internet flatrate)

Just go dedicated instead of renting a virtual slot on a over sold and over crowded server.