Gportal replacement?

what is a better server for managing mods with exiles? And can you swap your server if you switch? I’m done with Gportal. Having to move a mod up into to place one click at a time 60 refreshes is reason enough to find something else. I can’t get into my game now, looking like I’ll need to reload 60+ mods…with THAT system.

While I never used Gportal, I’m pretty sure you can just edit either the modlist via FTP or the IDs as text in their silly little UI thingy :smiley: So I’m not sure this would be the reason to leave them of all the potential reasons out there. (thou they do have a proprietary UI which reportedly has its flaws)

In any case based on many many customer and former customer reports… they’re a bit of a wildcard…

While some people sometimes get a decent server, others don’t… so the service isn’t very consistent in general and while their customer support is really quick… the same applies to them, some know what they’re talking about, while others are just trying to get you off their backs and point fingers at otheres…

However if you want to switch, you can do so easily… You need to download your game database, which you should be able to do either via some file manager they might have on the website or just with FTP (FTP information should be on your control panel main page)

The file you want (for the Exiled Lands map) is ConanSandbox\Saved\game.db and you will need to upload this on the new server host in that same location.

As for which service to go to… that is entirely up to you, the mainstream ones are Serverblend and GTX gaming, both of these are slightly more expensive than Gportal, but are of better quality. (both of them use TCAdmin as the control panel)

Personally thou I’m using a company called EUGameHost, I’ve had a server with them for roughly half a year and I’ve been satisfied… the server quality is better than most, it uses TCAdmin and it’s actually slightly cheaper than Gportal since they’re still a small / fairly new company (they only have 2 owner / employees but they’re usually on top of things). The only downside is that they only have limited locations… Germany, UK and the only US one is in Dallas.

As far as mods go, if you go with a hosting company using TCAdmin, then the best way is to simply make a steam collection of your mods… order them the way you want and you can 1-click install the whole collection and it’ll be loaded in that order.

Other than that you can simply edit the modlist.txt (ConanSandbox\Mods) both with the online file manager or via FTP and order them whatever way you want.

I just host my own. I have my own physical server that I can use to run any games I want.

For 60 mods, you will need to find someone who doesn’t limit the ram otherwise it will be too expensive. But if your server is large enough maybe it is worth looking into a dedicated server. If your only complaint with GPortal is their awful mod management but you are otherwise happy then you should consider staying as they are cheap. Both GTX and ServerBlend will be very expensive if you need to pay for the ram separately.

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