Gossamer text box when dying to Cursewall?

If you die to the Curesewall at certain spots, you get the info textbox about Gossamer when you respawn at your bed, and you have to close it to continue playing. It doesn’t really stop you from playing at all, and it only happens at certain spots of the cursewall. I repeatedly walked trough the wall at different spots and found some consistent areas where you get the message.

Not a serious bug, but I thought I’d mention it.
It happens in K4 for example. Come from the west and walk along the cursewall in the sand. Where the curse wall goes trough the mountain, climb up to the first ledge next to the wall and run through. You get the Text box across your screen when you respawn at your bed. But NOT if you respawn at the desert. It has to be to a bed for some reason for this to happen.

Took a screenshot so you know which ledge I’m talking about:
Ledge on the dot in the center of the screen

Picture of text box:


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