Got booted from server and Immediately sent to new character screen

Was playing the game when i suddenly get booted from game and it Immediately went to new character load screen. WTF.

eeem, some more details?

Online Official?
Online Private?

Online Private sever. Approx 3 other players on at the same time. Was on the left hand side of the map near the big wall of the abandoned city near the bridge when it happened. Only 1 mod running on the sever, Pippi.

Did all of you experience the same? You can check your server logs for any clues.

I’m fairly sure that pippi allows you to delete characters, i wonder if it was intentional? You never know when talking about private servers.

this is the last entry for the server log. [2020.09.15-15.21.44:457][897]Log file closed, 09/15/20 11:21:44. As far as the other 2 goes. I dont think they had an issue. when i got back on after creating a new toon. I seen the names and lvls of the toons that where there before the restart no change for them. cause if they had the same issue i did their lvl would have been below lvl 10. and when i checked the clan listing on the pippi mod i could not even see my old toons name in the clan. Its like it never was.

If this has happened just now, this can’t be the correct log because this entry is dated 15.09 :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunatly when i try to find the time stamp for any of the logs there is a missing time frame, from about 3am to 9am

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