Got robbed, starting fresh 3503

So a couple days ago, 2 dudes invited me to a clan and then proceeded to kick me out and all… I’m not even mad, I love fresh starts. Long story short: I’m starting fresh up north in the highlands. Anyone wants to join? I used to play with some friends but they all grew bored or something

TLDR: U up for some PVE? My PSNID: REVAN2297


Come join me on the server I’m on looking for clan members jus now coming bacc to the game


Hey, I made the clan Lore-Keeper in case you’re interested, base is on H8

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Add me toxicpollo


Have fun guys :+1:t6:


Glad you like fresh starts like that this happened to me a couple of months ago. I was already lvl 60 when I joined a clan and none of them were I taught them all things they didn’t know how to do and showed them where to get things they didn’t know about and a few days after joining them (none of them lvl 60 still at this point) they kicked me and all of them blocked me on PSN. I was highly upset myself because of all the work I had put into building my base and all that. But glad to hear you’re doing ok after it happened to you though. I may consider joining you just not sure yet due to being on a different server and having to start over… again. :sweat_smile: Also didn’t realize that you’re in the Exiled Lands, I’m guessing that you don’t have the Isle of Siptah DLC. I still might join though not sure yet.


Hey man Im on 3503. Some of my stuff decayed before the time was up but ypu want help I dont mind lending a hand. Let me know if you need anything bro. Maybe clan up? Either way hmu man.


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