Gportal Custom Servers - Stamina Values reset on server restart

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Region: All - Custom Servers - GPORTAL

Dear Hugo,

Greetings and hope you guys are having a great holiday.

This has been an issue with custom servers on Xbox for a while now (Close to 2 years now according to some server owners), I have raised numerous tickets with Gportal to solve the stamina values being reset on every restart of the server and they say that the problem has to be fixed by the dev team at funcom. (Current fix: to change the values in game manually via the admin panel after every restart)

Here is a link to the reply from Gportal. (imgur)

Please note that i also have the game on PS4 and there is no such issue present. Appreciate if you could patch the servers to fix this issue for all Xbox players when time permits.

Thanks and have a great holiday and stay safe.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Change stamina to 0.1 in Control Panel (web browser Gportal)
  2. Start the server
  3. Run in game

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