Grandmaster Armor/Weaponsmith Perks Availability on the Isle

Has anyone been able to get Grandmaster Armor or Weaponsmith perks on the Isle? I’m assuming they are an incredibly painful grind from the leyline surges?

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I’ve not yet found those perks, but i have found others you’d normally get from tablets etc in original map. They drop as recipe’s in the final chest in vaults. And seem to be rare and random. So I imagine the other special perks will be found there also. Raid enough vaults and we’ll see.

I found a headless arena champion with a spear that slaughtered my whole expedition.

I would bet that boss can drop it…

Think it was near “Chamber of scales”

When on sipta in admin role, im am not able to find any of the kits from warmaker in spawn list. Dont know if its an oversight or deliberate.

I got a recipe to learn grandmaster armorsmith from the big chest at the end of the demon spider vault. Another player on our server has weaponsmith, i believe from one of the other vaults.

Oh, you met “The Judge.”

Yeah, he hits like a truck and doesn’t take prisoners.

Then how do you kill him ?

He is vulnerable to both poison and bleed. It’s doable, but still unpleasant lol

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Yes. I was deemed unworthy to continue my adventure.

Got the Grandmaster Armorer today from one of the vaults. It was in the center chest at the exit after killing the boss. So it was a random drop and pro’ly a damn lucky one. I don’t think it matters which vault but…

Normally visiting a vault once is enough, unless you’re farming. However, I died the previous day numerous times in silly pointless ways. I found that when you die, you forget some of the sigils. So I went on a trip to “remember” them.

I started at the Refuge of the Goblinoids, then went to the Asylum of the Fiends (twice now, no boss). I finished with the Refuge of the Gremlins.

That judge is some guy, but he drops only fragments of power, killed 5 times in row, no recipes. or any weapon or armor… Still i dont know how to get armors of siptah…

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