Where to get Survivalist Armor

Does anyone know where to get this armor? I’m kinda assuming it’s from a Vault but honestly have no idea. I mainly do Vaults and have almost all recipe’s from them, but this one I’m not sure how/where to get it. or Asura Armor for that matter (On Siptah).

I have not found it on Siptah either – not a recipe to craft it nor a thrall wearing it. Its missing as far as I can tell.

I do know in single player (In Admin Mode) the Recipe Exist for Survivalist, now how we get that I do not know…I really think it has to be vault and/or Judge.

The judge drops it, that and any other armor in siptah we got that and black knight armor. Si it does exist

Just to clarify, I’m sure it was a Typo, You mean it “Does” exist right?

yes , sorry , i fixed the mistake, it does EXISTs

Tyvm! Guess It’s time to do less vaults and more time farming Judge :slight_smile:

I spawned in on Single-Player 400 Judges and not one dropped it, I was just trying to confirm he does in fact drop it before I spent hours farming him on Official Servers, can’t even do that, So you must be very lucky to get that drop.

rng : he has a 5% chance of dropping a recipe, and there is what? 18 recipes? he can choose from?

Yup no doubt, I would have thought 400 would have been enough. But nope, out of the 400 I think there was maybe 5 Recipe’s that dropped in total…

After about 600 Judge’s In Single-Player I got the Survivalist Armor Recipe to drop…Yup Looks like I’ll be farming Judge well into 2021. I’m kind of wondering if these also drop from Vaults and maybe that’s a better way to get it.

right now, only judge. :frowning:

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