Sandbeast bile gland, Heart of a hero

So, I’ve come across two recipes, one requiring a Sandbeast bile gland, and the other, the heart of a hero.

I read a 4 month old post that said in the future they’ll add the ‘glands’ or remove the recipes. These useless rare finds are making it that much more difficult to aquire needed ones like Grandmaster Armourer (looking for months now) I hope it won’t take years.

Has anyone come across heart of a hero anywhere on Siptah?

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nope have not seen heart of hero in 4 months, neither i did find grandmaster armorer recipe, i really wonder if this recipe can be acquired on suptah, anybody got it ?

No hearts here, but, yes, I learned both Grandmaster feats from the Fiend’s vault. Although I farmed the vault extensively since it’s easy and close to my base.

I do think the drops are random and not vault-specific, but have no way to prove that.

RNG goes both ways, unfortunately.

Good luck !



PS: private dedicated server, PvE, no mods.

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It’s acquirable through vaults some have said.
I’ve done hundreds and never found GM-Armorer, it’s… let’s say sad.

I get on average one recipe per 4-5 vaults, then you have a chance after that of gaining one of the 28 Esoteric Artifacts (including duplicates) to which they have added Grandmaster Armorer and Weaponsmith (among others possibly)

So good luck! And I mean that in the sincerest possible way. If you’re a solo player, hundreds of hours of grind for disappointment await most likely, but you never know I guess.

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Your probably Not running Modded I assume? But the EEWA mod adds a recipe for making the Hearts if needed. Seriously the recipes that require items not found in the Isle should probably not have been added and are bugs.

Mind you I wonder if you would get one if you farm enough Convergence traps? Hmm will have to try that…Pretty much everything else seems to drop on those if you wait long enough…

I have managed to get a few of them. I gave them to my friends who were not so lucky.

Just rubbing it in huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just confirming that the grandmaster feats are there and obtainable but gated by an rng mechanic.

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well so have been really unlucky, got may be 4 time for weapons, but for amor… good to know its there

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Yes, it was rhetorical jest. Of course having been so long that by the time I finally find it I won’t be happy at all having been made to slog away for months like a fool. A similar feeling to getting a long long long overdue loan back. snatches it and says thank f*** before storming away, lol.


Indeed, it’s good to know we’re relying on our greatest strength instead of weakness in this endeavour :smile:

No hearts, no glands, and no grey-flower lupin on Siptah. No fixes (yet) for these issues, either.

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Is there a reason to choose an armor with Vitality, Strength, Grit or Encumbrance when you can balance them out how you see fit with your Attribute points?

Eg) Armor gives 10 Grit, 10 points freed up to put into Vitality etc.

Don’t worry, they’ll get around to it. The Epic Reptilian Chestpiece and Gauntlets mixup was reported in May 2018 and several more times since then and they apparently fixed it in November 2020. Good things come to those who wait :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:


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