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Well, of course, but I wanna know WHAT it is and know if I can change it.

Light bloom is Definitely worse with higher quality. You can’t even see the buttons on my shirt because of it. The glasses look reaally nice though. I usually have little white specs on them in DX9. This is TXAA 4X.

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580 architecture is much more compatible with the (date) engine. I still got screen tearing for some abilities if Effects Details are not set at 1.0.


My 1060 seems to be handling near-max settings at 1080p just fine, too. But as I said, maybe I’m just not as sensitive. Anything above 30 is fine for me in a game like this. And I’m definitely not getting any tearing. That I’d notice.

some times only graphics are only reason to engagement not say only but main reason to be a prat is graphic

The warping effect of the screen when someone used what was called “Fired Up” - now called “Regeneration”

Is hideous and jarring. The effect can be seen through walls at some distance.

But that’s an intentional visual effect.

It’s still hideous and jarring lol

Neat Cave:

Effects 0

Effects 4

That’s a pretty significant difference if you ask me.

I agree. I see a big difference.

I leave all mine on 4.

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I don’t think “effects” option does much in this scenario. “Effects” mostly affects dynamic stuff like ability casts, sprints etc. Nothing dynamic in a cave with 0 action happening

Anti-aliasing and lighting details have much more of an impact in those screenshots

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If you mouse over the graphics option, it controls particles (abilities included), rain and water. You can see that the water has ripples on Effects 4.

I don’t see much of a difference there at all. I have to agree with @Shibe that the “effects” are for more dynamic - active things like casts etc. I have mine set at 1 for it’s absolute minimum cos the “effects” on casts are way too much as it is and render some views nigh on impossible.

There is very minute detail extra on those ripples between the two pictures.
Perhaps if there were more particles happening you would see more of a difference than just the ripple.

Effects Detail also affects environmental effects such as fog, which is why mine is set to 3.8 rather than 4.0. Having it maxed causes significant frame rate drops in some places (NY and BM come to mind specifically). Unfortunately that also means losing the nicer water effects.

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My partner also gets the “Fog” bug randomly in various places.
Agartha sometimes has the “lights out” bug (Literally looks like someone turned out the lights lol)
Sometimes kingsmouth is so dark for him he can’t see where anything is and has to guess lol

I don’t have these bugs, so i assume its cos the effects are down to the minimum of 1 and no lighting effects either for me.
I could forgo very easily the “extras” such as fog and ripples, shadows, lighting etc or any type of particle for anything in the way of whatever morsel of better performance i get.

I do however experience terrible FPS drops anytime i am near hubs of any kind. Typically the Romany camp in SF, something the devs tweaked a lil back in TSW for “memory leaks” i think they called it.

And it was better.
Sadly i don’t expect the same treatment for SWL. Not anytime soon. Just ever.

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Funnily enough, that happened to me last week, in the Tank Commander instance, and it carried over to Agartha. That was the first time in more than seven years. Quite a bizarre experience since it wasn’t pitch black but I could still (just barely) make up close-up objects.

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I haven’t lowered mine in SWL, but in every other game I’ve played, the lower the graphics the brighter everything is.

Same thing here except I leave it at 0 (3 across the board other than that). Haven’t had any issues with lasers and the reduction in casting effects making bosses easier to see is well worth it. I get the feeling SWL’s effects were balanced for a single player in a lit room, not 5 players in a dark dungeon (aka all the dungeons except darkness wars) where they are way overbright.

Doesn’t help that AR and Hammer are the popular meta weapons and both use bright orange aoe effects.

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I may have found a new issue today. Anyone notice any issues running both the Steam Overlay and the Nvidia Overlay at the same time? I usually disable the Steam Overlay, unless I need to buy something.