Great game, Inventory problem/glitch tho

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
L1 Hotbox inventory will not transfer over to regular inventory. and I can no longer select item in inventory box to move to another empty slot in the same inventory box.

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Someone else had this problem too and restarting the game helped.

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few hours into the game it happened again. Random bug, but annoying having to restart everytime it happens …

Update: Ive been playing non stop since my post, and came across the problem once more. I gathered that the issue arose after I Sorted the items by Weight/ Name/ Etc. I reloaded the game and Now avoid sorting, and haven’t had the issue thus-far. I can live with that. I am enjoying this game very much, especially the gathering / Building in it. Ive sunken ungodly hours into 7 days to die, but zombies have gotten stale to the point that I turn off Zombie spawning just to create bases without being overrun. Conan exiles has an awesome balance (even without tweaking Server settings) of random attacks ,The Purge, and just leaving me Alone to build to my hearts content. sorry for the ramble but I;m just really stoked on this game right now. Cheers. :smile: