Great Panther Bugged Out Avoiding Combat

Game mode: [Offline | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [USA, CA]

[I have been experiencing multiple bugs almost everyday ever sense I got this game about a 6 weeks ago. I have only been playing on my boyfriend’s offline server. We play right next to each other on the same wifi which can handle both of us playing any online game together.

I recently have been experiencing another bug with one of my pets during battle, this time with my Great Panther. I haven’t experienced any bugs with him up until he reached about level 5. He is permanently bugged out and nothing we have tried to do will fix him. We’ve tried restarting the sever multiple times and rescuing him as well. He behaves the same on both of our ends even though I was the only one that used him up until we started noticing his buggy behavior.

I started noticing it a couple days ago. My boyfriend and I would take our Great Panthers out to level them up while we rode our horses. When combat with an enemy was initiated, my Panther would only attack the enemy about once then continue to back up letting us finish it off. We would joke about it not seeing anything wrong about it. That was until today when we decided leveling up our Panthers at The Avenue Of The Sun, which is a temple located in the jungle.

I lead the way as we fought against the gorillas but we noticed my Panther wasn’t fighting back thus not gaining any XP. So I decided to go ahead on my own and let my Panther Attack the gorillas on his own. That’s when we knew my Panther was bugged out. He will stand by and not attack any enemy unless it is locked onto him and attacks him a few times. Instead of fighting back, he continues to back up in a straight line dodging attacks. When he does eventually decide to attack, which he rarely will after draining a significant amount of health, he will attack only once or twice then continue to back up.

Update: I tried using him again and now he will attack enemies but he faces the wrong way and attacks the air. It’s almost as if there’s something wrong with its targeting system.

It’s really sad because he is basically useless. Because of this, it is almost impossible to level him up, have him defend me, or help me attack enemies.

I don’t know why I’m experiencing all of these bugs. But honestly it’s making it really hard for me to even want to play this game. Especially because I am the only one that is experiencing them because these things never happen to my boyfriend.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

I have no idea how this bug initiated or how anyone could possibly fix it. I just hope that all theses bugs can be fixed one day.

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@KoolKassia Hello my wife and I have been playing this game since it came out. Can not say I have a answer but here is something to check make sure your cat is set to attack everything there other settings such as guard me and attack nothing. Also playing offline doesn’t always work as well as playing online because you are using the playstation as a server. At times thralls and pets just get stupid for lack of a better word. run around with something else leave your cat at home for awhile. We play mostly online and when pets or thralls act up put them in time out. Perhaps swap pets with your partner.

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