Can we please not have the black panthers beating on us after teleport before we gain control of the character? And other items

Game mode: [Online
Problem: Various
When I teleport to the jungle spot on the top of the plateau the panthers are beating on me for a bit before I get control. Its a bit frustrating and once I crashed and was lucky to get back in time to run away before dying. I don’t care that I’m being attacked, just not well before I get control. Due to load in, can we move them a bit away?

Also, I love the new pets and I’ve managed to get three Greater versions so far. My only regret is they are not in the same class as the beasts they emulate. My Greater Rhino should have that massive charge attack and a huge HP pool. As it is, he’s on par with the Greater Tiger and Greater Jaguar I have.

Thrall and pet reactions are improving but now I get them stuck wandering around for 10-15 minutes after threats are gone. Many times they block each other and get caught in big messes. I’ll try to move them forcefully and the little jerks go right back to it. Ugh.

I am still getting a bug where all my cooking will insta cook the first time I use one at a base and sometimes make them all rotten.

Why do the normal Votaries have Snakemen weapons and then the named Votaries have stone ones?

I love my camel but the dude has some serious personal space issues. Many times I cant even see what I’m doing because he’s blocking out my camera. Also, he should stumble and fall when I punch him.

Can we get purge bar filling again?

Thank You!

Public Official Server 3519 PVE

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Seriously. Between and between my Greater Rhino, RIcky, they sure do love to invade my personal space.

I feel you, this is such easy to fix issue, and yet nobody does anything about.
And look, someone is even favorable to have panthers slaughtering you while the screen is loading…

This also can and has happened to me at the Sinkhole, getting beat on by the undead hyenas before teleporting fully in. And at the Black Keep getting beaten on by the silent legion warriors before fully teleporting in.

It’s annoying to say the least.

This is pretty dumb and should have been fixed long before release. Nobody should lose anything to NPCs warping into obelisks. Players should be invulnerable up to a minute or until they move around after spawning in. If you can’t write the code just remove nearby NPC spawns until you can fix it.


I often port to sinkhole and black keep and have never has been attacked whilst still zoning or right on top of the obelisk.
At the sinkhole, sometimes when I am running out of the corruption cloud I might get an undead hyena close enough to aggro onto me.

So what I suspect is happening at least at those two locations is other players have gone past recently and caused the npcs to be displaced from their usual positions closer to the obelisk.
Do not know about the jungle one as I do not use it.

But to address it … have you tried building over the panthers spawn point ? Put a sign on it to let others know it’s to stop panthers attacking as players load and they probably won’t destroy it if in PvP …make it a simple thing to get max timer and then not care if it gets purged (or it gets blown up)

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