I know this is listed but here is my two cents since my last update - fixes needed

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [US public 3519 PVE]

I have a base near the Pagoda (Lemurian thralls) and my pets keep falling through the sandstone foundations into the water. I have them on my feed list but can’t see them unless a non clan member strolls by and they pop out til they go into hiding again. While this sounds evil fun for PVP, its annoying for PVE. Also, my Rhinos fall through the platform I built for the Jhebbal Sag station in the highlands. I often come to it to see horns sticking out. The boss in the Passage will often fall into the walls as well. I had to coax it out of it yesterday.

The cooking crafting stations have a bug at a few of my bases where if I put in more than one item in to cook they crash my game and tell me something about an overflow buffer issue. This usually only happens the first time I visit a base after logging but can happen at each base. This gives me the potential of 7 disconnects a night from that alone. Usually its only the base near the Cimmerians and the one near the Lemurians. It has happened at all of them though.

Certain pets I can’t see their names. Both Rocknoses, All reapers, Shalebacks. I’m sure there are others.

I am really missing the Purge, but I hope you guys tweak it so it hits when we are on.

How come I can barely climb with Encumbrance armor on, yet climb way better if I take it off and am still carrying it while naked? That is rediculous, but also necessary for the Passageway.

Vathis tanks most world bosses just fine, except the King Rhino. For whatever reason, They will not aggro to it or hold the aggro. The Rhino will beat the snot out of it and me, and Vathis… or any other thrall, will just randomly throw in an occasional attack. This gets me killed way too much as the Rhino can kill fast and suddenly turn. The PS4 lag is disastrous and you often don’t even see the turn and charge til its too late and often I’m running in from the desert or whatever bed from across the map because I don’t get to choose respawn. I mean other bosses also occasionally turn but I can survive those… they don’t two hit like a Rhino. Plus the shield seems useless against the charge. Then again… using a shield necessitates being able to react.

Also, I still have pots from Halloween event. They are time bombs. I got a stamina drop out from one against a boss and it was the death of my Vathis and I had to “run” away and my stamina didn’t come back til I crossed into the southern part of the biome. (a good 5 minute walk easily). Luckily there was water to swim in.

So, a holiday event is super cool and all, but hold off on the pots until thorough testing.

All for now. Thank You for your time.

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Hey there!

First, I appreciate you taking the time to write out what you notice and what you’d like fixed. It’s good to know what you notice the most or want prioritized. :slight_smile: A lot of these are ones we’re aware about and are addressing. This includes pets falling through foundations.
There’s a weird bug in addition to the one you mentioned where pets don’t seem to have names: they can’t be killed. So that’s another we’re working on.
The Halloween Event was the first we implemented and we learned so much from it. Got a ton of good feedback and suggestions from it, so we know what to do and not to do for the next one.
You mentioned that you know these are listed so I assume you know about the Trello Board.
Thank you in any case for letting us know your thoughts on them and sorry for any trouble they caused!

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