Greater fawn missing

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  1. Acquire 2 fawn
  2. Place it in a pen with fibre
  3. Place it in a pen with shadespice fibre
  4. Same outcome
  5. Greater gazelle would be kudu?

Sorry, friend, but there is no greater version of the fawn in the game. See the link below for the possibility…



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So @Jim1, you know this wiki is edited by the community? So very obvious, the wiki represents the data I present here. If devs fix the bug and add greater fawn, we can add it to the wiki.

Are you sure there is a bug to fix? Because if the Kudu isn’t added as a pet yet they won’t be able to fix anything.
In admin mode I haven’t been able to Spawn a Kudu pet because I didn’tfind it in the list.

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Whether this qualifies as a bug is a matter for debate. I’d say it’s an unimplemented feature - one that it might be natural to expect when extrapolating from other data points (most pets have a “greater” version of some kind so why not the fawn?), but that’s still technically different from a bug.

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