Greater hyena | Elite Armored Hyena SKIN BUG?

Greeting, i don’t know this is intentional or BUG, so i don’t want to make any bug reports yet.
Using Elite Armored Hyena Skin (Sorcerer skins) drastically decreases Greater Hyena pet hp, so… what is the point? Any1 got this issue?
Look at screenshot below, you can see 4 greater hyenas, 2 without skin and 2 with it…both 0 and max lvl.

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maybe it turns it into a regular hyena (kinda stupid given the name lol) same way any rhino goes into a caravan rhino.


This is a bug. If you use the Greater Hyena, you should still have greater stats.

Caravan Rhinos lose stats because of the tradeoff of increased inventory space (30 slots over 10). They effectively turn from being fighters to bearers in animal form.


Caravan Rhinos don’t lose stats because of inventory space, they lose stats because there is only one version of Caravan Rhino regardless what rhino you transform. So using a Black, White, or Greater Rhinoceros to create it still gives you the exact same Caravan Rhino as having used the normal Rhinoceros.

The same is not true for armored hyenas. There is both the Armored Hyena made from the normal Spotted Hyena and the Elite Armored Hyena made from the Greater Hyena.

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@Taemien is talking about the design goal, you’re talking about how it’s implemented :wink:


I thought maybe hyena got hyper armor (like 5k) for the cost of hp since it “elite armored” but no
± armor same as default greater hyena version… im so confused

Like others said, it looks like a bug. It should probably be reported as a bug, in the bug forum, using the bug report template.

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