Greater Panther ban*

they informed me on the servers [[pvp]] that the greater panther is causing it to be banned, that information comes?

There are no Panthers on the Isle of Siptah.

The only way I know of to get a greater Panther on the Island, is to call in a surge of the appropriate faction at the right surge level that has panthers as the baby animal. And then to raise the babies in an animal pen with the correct food for best probability of a greater.

Do you mean Mountain Lions? I haven’t heard or read anything about developers getting rid of them or the possibility of greaters, unless it is on some obscure reddit post or tweet somewhere.

It is possible to carry out the ''surge ‘’ with an eastern focus with 200 swirling chaos, in this outbreak come young panthers

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Northern surge with 50 to 400 chaos (pig cub), with 1k chaos (saber-toothed cub), eastern surge with 50 chaos (jaguar cub), 200 chaos ( panther cub), 400 chaos (tiger), 1k elephant, and so on.


yes i’m talking about greater panther, i know where they come from, and i have refrigerators full of huge greater panthers on the isle of siptah

if you play on an official server , then no panther will not get you banned , but if you play on a private server where the admin decided to ban those types of followers than you should or go onto another server or respect the rule if you want to play on this particular server …

They don’t ban particular thralls or pets on official servers and there’s no reason why they would. Private servers can have all kinds of weird rules though.

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Sounds like you’re on a private server with an Admin who’s been killed in PVP by somebodies panther a few too many times. :laughing:

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Just trying to help.

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