Grind House is seeking new savages- do you have what it takes?

We aren’t here to win, we’re here to play and play hard.

With mandatory Discord participation for all players, our NON RP community is a strong tribe of older (30+), friendly players who enjoy the fun of a challenging raid rather than total annihilation of one’s neighbor. Knock down a wall and take a few things or even leave gifts behind!

Our weekly fight club is a chance to PvP- be it versus man or beast.

-2X stamina
-Boosted harvest and respawn rates
-Boosted thrall xp
-Keep loot on death
-Evening and weekend raid hours
-Weekend Avatars
-Thievery highly encouraged on all buildings outside of “GrindHouse” buildings
-Clan max size 4
-24/7 Raid protection for one of your bases- 2 bases & 3 outposts allowed per clan
-Map rooms at every obelisk (except the Unnamed City), a public trading center, a fully stocked welcome center located at the Sentinels, a PVP fight arena, and a coliseum for large-scale fights.
-Active admins and a close community of players
-Server paid through February 2021
-Supporter perks packages available

We know who we are. Are we right for you?

Server Name:
Grindhouse (Discord,clanmax4,Nght/wkend raiding)

Join the community on Discord: