The Grind House is recruiting grinders- are you ready to test your mettle?

36 Slots

Paid Through February 2021

GrindHouse reminds you why you play. Love the feel of being challenged. Work hard while you game. Embrace the grind.

We aren’t here to win, we’re here to play and play hard.

With mandatory Discord participation for all players, our NON RP community is a strong tribe of older (30+), friendly players who enjoy the fun of a challenging raid and also have jobs and families.

Our weekly fight club is a chance to PvP- be it versus man or beast.

-2X stamina

-Boosted harvest and respawn rates

-Boosted thrall xp

-Keep loot on death

-Evening and weekend raid hours

-Weekend Avatars
-Thievery highly encouraged on all buildings outside of “GrindHouse” buildings

-Clan max size 4

-24/7 building damage protection for one of your bases. 2 bases & 3 outposts allowed per clan

-Map rooms at every obelisk (except the Unnamed City), a public trading center, a fully stocked welcome center located at the Sentinels, a PVP fight arena, jousting lanes, and a coliseum for large-scale fights.

-Active admins and a close community of players

-Server paid through February 2021

-Supporter perks packages available

We know who we are. Are we right for you?

Server Name:

Grindhouse (Discord,clanmax4,Nght/wkend raiding)

Join the community on Discord: