Grub compost pile mechanics

I put plant fiber, bone meal, and rotten meat/dung in my compost piles. At times I get many grubs, at times very little or none. There doesn’t seem to be any correlation with anything, not even with time. Anybody have any idea how they work?

They only have a minute once spawned inside the compost heap, if you pull them out they have longer, I think about 20 minutes or so, and then you can put them into the Preservation box with ice forever.
When they spawn i’m not completely sure but I know they spawn fast enough so there should be a stack of 49 in there most of the time given that you keep compost in the compost heap.

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Put down five compost boxes, get at least one compost in each box, harvest once an hour for unlimited grubs.


Rotting flesh isn’t required (maybe even negative) to spawning grub, apparently. You just need the compost.


Just one compost per bin. You can stack the bins vertically too. They produce 50, but because the decay time in the bin is so fast they drop to 49 then back to 50 repeatedly.

And also get a preservation box as soon as possible - once that’s iced up you have indefinite storage

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