(guide) Clicksaver, Mission sliders

I have read some mission slider guides, but they don’t give answers to the questions i am looking for, so i started this little project. I will be adding more information as time goes on, but it seems a waste to just let this info rot on my hard drive.
This info is best used alongside the 3rd party program,
(Clicksaver Guide • AO-Universe)

—RK mission multipliers (rounded down)---------------

To figure out

  • what are the best slider settings for maximum primary and secondary item rewards, for general primary item rolling as well as secondary items , like undercover kit or implants. (solved)

The best order to roll for maximum mission items and second priority: easiest blitzability for solo missions is
Mission Nr1 RLLLRL 4 secondary items (few locked doors, but rooting mobs)
Mission Nr2 RRRLRL 4 secondary items (locked doors but still no rooting mobs)
Mission Nr3 RRRRRL 4 secondary items (ah well)
Mission Nr4 RLLLRL 3 secondary items (back to Nr1 slider settings)

!! You only have to change your slider settings if you accept a return item mission, not nessecarily when you acceot a find item mission

The best order to roll for easiest blitzability and second priority maximum mission items for team missions is
Mission Nr1 RLLLRL or
Mission Nr2 RRRLRL or
Mission Nr3 LRRRRL or
Mission Nr4 LRRLRL or
If you are getting 4 missions instead of 5, change one slider until you get 5 again.

Also this is for single missions only, i may do some more research on team mission later.

  • What are the best level ranges+ slider settings for farming low lvl miy armor/ ring of haste/ briefcase of holding/ rhinoman armor/ mist filled jar / please let me know what to look out for.

  • Find out the best location to roll missions from for each level, so that the missions end up in the most convenient places.
    lvl 40-45 missions , roll at Hope, missions end up in Newland city, Newland desert, Varmint Woods
    lvl 150 missions, roll in borealis, end up at 20k
    lvl 140-150 missions, roll in street west bank, end up in broken shores

  • How many floors do team missions have at different mission levels. All i know so far is that at really low level , team missions only have 2 floors.

  • please tell me what else to figure out

----------mission sliders ---------

LLLLLL  human mobs  		3kill 1findperson 1finditem
RLLLLL  human mobs   find item 	3findperson 1return 1kill 170 dealer lunatic torpedo informer rebooter
LRLLLL  non human mobs 		3finditem 1kill 1findperson 170 Sewer Scuttler drills avian rollerrat
RRLLLL				3kill 1repair 1findperson 170 anun anun sewer entwined anvian drills hellhound mantis Bileswarm
LLRLLL   			3findperson 1kill 1finditem
RLRLLL   2 find items		3kill 1finditem 1return
LRRLLL				3kill 1findperson 1finditem
RRRLLL   2 find items		3kill 1return 1finditem
LLLRLL human mobs  		3repair 1kill 1findperson
RLLRLL	1 item			3kill 1findperson 1return
LRLRLL 				3kill 1findperson 1finditem
RRLRLL				3kill 1repair 1findperson
LLRRLL				3findperson 1kill 1repair
RLRRLL	1item			3kill 1finditem 1findperson
LRRRLL 1item			3findperson 1kill 1finditem
RRRRLL  2items 			3kill 1return 1finditem

LLLLRL humanmobscameras/turrets	3kill 1repair 1return
RLLLRL	4 items			3return 1finditem 1findperson (Nr1 setting 4 items but few locked doors)
LRLLRL				3finditem 1kill 1return
RRLLRL	3items			3return 1repair 1kill
LLRLRL				3findperson 1repair 1finditem
RLRLRL	4items			3finditem 1return 1repair (4th best)  best for Undercover kits
LRRLRL   1item			3findperson 1finditem 1return  (solo Blitz setting)
RRRLRL  4 items			3return 1finditem 1findperson  (2nd best setting, locked doors but physical mobs so no roots)
LLLRRL humanmobscameras/turrets	3repair 1kill 1return
RLLRRL 3items			3return 1findperson 1repair
LRLRRL				3kill 1finditem 1repair
RRLRRL 1item			3kill 1return 1repair
LLRRRL 1item			3repair 1findperson 1finditem
RLRRRL 3items			3finditem 1findperson 1repair
LRRRRL 3items			3finditem 1repair 1return  (solo Blitz setting)
RRRRRL 4items			3return	1finditem 1repair (3rd best setting)

LLLLLR human mobs 		3repair 1kill 1finditem
RLLLLR	1 item			3findperson 1return 1kill
LRLLLR				3finditem 1repair 1kill 170 anuns demons aquaans  anvian big snake	
RRLLLR				3kill 1findperson 1repair
LLRLLR				3findperson 1kill 1finditem
RLRLLR	 			3kill 1finditem 1repair				
LRRLLR				3finditem 1findperson 1return  (solo Blitz setting)
RRRLLR 				3kill 1findperson 1finditem
LLLRLR human mobs		3repair 1kill 1findperson
RLLRLR 1item			3findperson 1kill 1return
LRLRLR				3repair 1kill 1findperson
RRLRLR				3kill 1findperson 1repair
LLRRLR				3findperson 1kill 1repair
RLRRLR				3kill 1findperson 1finditem
LRRRLR				3return 1kill 1findperson
RRRRLR				3kill 1findperson 1repair

LLLLRR humanmobscameras/turrets	3repair 1kill 1return
RLLLRR		1item		3repair 1return 1findperson			
LRLLRR				3finditem 1repair 1return (solo Blitz setting nr.1) 160 avians aquaans cyborgs
RRLLRR	1			3kill 1repair 1return
LLRLRR				3repair 1findperson 1return		
RLRLRR				3repair 1findperson 1finditem
LRRLRR				3return 1finditem 1findperson (solo Blitz setting)
RRRLRR				3findperson 1repair 1kill
LLLRRR				3repair 1kill 1return
RLLRRR 1item			3findperson 1return 1kill
LRLRRR				3return 1kill 1finditem
RRLRRR 1			3kill 1return 1findperson
LLRRRR				3repair 1findperson 1return
RLRRRR				3repair 1findperson 1kill
LRRRRR				3return 1kill 1repair	
RRRRRR				3repair 1findperson 1kill
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My suggestions for Miy’s, based on experience, are Full Chaos & missions in Broken Shores.


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