[Guide] Lexa's Guide, a full Conan Exiles guide now online



LOVE the map and guide TY for you hard work! Anyway you can add panning? to the map?


Good idea, but I dont know if I can with this website creator.


Can you confirm that the heirs and norn armorer do exist


They exist, I update my guide only if I can take screenshot of the named. I can say the rate of Forgotten tribe and Heirs spawning is low, something like 5%, according to the lot of times I tried. But yeah they exist. I still dont find the Forgotten tribe named taskmaster, but all the others spawned.


After the last hotfix I only see level 1 or 2 I’m so sad


Thanks for checking on that thrall. I discovered that for myself just this morning as well (messing around with the spawn humanoid option). So, sorry for the misinformation.

Nice work on the guide updates! Keep up the good work!


Bookmarked and saved!