[Guide] Lexa's Guide, a full Conan Exiles guide now online

Hi guys you can check my guide here : https://gg02430.wixsite.com/conanexiles-guide

I hope you’ll like it !


Cool! But I do not see the map :slight_smile: Just icons… (using Chrome)

It’s weird it works by using Chrome, Firefox and Explorer. :sob: Try to update Google Chrome maybe.

Working on Firefox! And thanks for your work cos I missed that spider-boss on the island!

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You are welcome !

woop woop Lexa’s must have guide is back yaya ! :smiley:
good job again ! and thank you merci baguette !

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Great Guide !!! THANKSSSSSSS !!!

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This is awesome! Thank you so very much!

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Awesome although I can’t swipe the map east and west on my iPad still very well put together

New Crafting Thralls section updated.


Hello ! New Thralls map update with “gold icons” and pop-up infos for named.

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Updated World boss map with 2 more crocodile kings. Thanks to Nyxe (Steam).

Updated my guide according to the Testlive :

  • added 2 giant snakes on world boss map
  • added Darfari weapons recipes (Thank to zigdonfreud on Steam)
  • updated all armorer thrall recipes (all now have weave recipes, only nordheimer can craft hardened steel shield, new hyperborean lvl 3 armorer thrall, epic zamorian thief armor on Irniz the Furnace, Relic Hunter amorers now have spawn spots in Sepermeru).
  • updated all blacksmith thrall recipes (now all lvl 3 and 4 can craft exceptional and flawless obsidian weapons)
  • updated priest location on thrall map (now Derketo priest have a chance to randomly spawn around bonefires on The Pagoda of lust).
  • new Razma appearance updated on NPCs section.

Updated my guide according to the Testlive update :

  • added Khitan exceptional/flawless recipes on Crafting Thrall sections. Now all lvl 3 and 4 blacksmith/armorer/carpenter thralls can craft khitan stuff.

Excellent guide. Looking at it for the first time. So far, I’ve only looked at the Thrall map and noticed some issues:
a. No listing for named Fighter thralls (like Black Hand Captain, Braggi the Bold, Cruaidh the Crusher, Tarman, Lian, and so forth)
b. No listing for named Archer thralls (like Freya)
c. Sasha Grey not listed at Black Galleon (Dancer)

So far, everything else has been very good. Keep up the good work!

Thank you Bodin ! Glad to see you like my work. :wink:

Just updated my website today with Named Fighters and Archers subsection on my Thralls map : https://gg02430.wixsite.com/conanexiles-guide/copie-de-the-exiled-lands-map-3

I have never seen Sasha on the galleon. I didnt find her in the admin panel either. Have you a screen of her?

Literally amazing.

Sorry, I don’t have a screen shot of her, but I have captured her several times from the Black Galleon (shares the spawn point of Imiu of Derketo) in Single Player. Her hair style is the one with the long braid down the center of her back.

I’m running the Named Thrall Spawn Boost mod, so it might be that this Thrall doesn’t show up unless its running, but in my single player games, she’s shown up quite frequently. Hope that helps!

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this guide it is amazing! :heart:

Seems Sasha is a mod thrall, she dont exist in official game.

Thank you ! :blush:

And now guide updates :

  • Updated Forgotten tribe and Heirs of the North thrall locations and crafts.
  • Updated Purge informations with named purge crafts.