[Video Guide] Maproom! Learning the Recipe, crafting, base building with it!

The Maproom in Conan Exiles is a really interesting, and useful not to mention great looking placeable you can craft and build with in the game! We’re exploring everything from where to learn it, what resources are needed, how to craft and how to base build with it!

Video link if the YT preview below fails to load --> Maproom! Learning the Recipe, crafting, base building with it! <–

:black_circle: How to use it? What does it do?
:black_circle: Learning it in the Unnamed City Archives!
:black_circle: Resourced to craft, corrupted stone, gold, silver, ichor, demon blood!
:black_circle: Let’s craft it!
:black_circle: Let’s build it, 9x9 size!

What are your thoughts on the Maproom? Great way to fast travel? Overpowered? Out of place? Do you make multiples and zip around the world this way? Let me know in the comment section below!

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I like the map room, it is NOT OP, you can only go one way which is fine. I like the sounds that play when you have an active pillar obelisk it sort of reminds you of where you will end up. I haven’t go them all memorized yet so have taken a few wrong trips. I have only made one currently and it was a MONSTER to enclose. I did mine in a 9 x 9 by two high and had to redo it sometimes due to the building support bugs that are there.

I had to add the two pillars when the middle ceiling tiles lost all structural integrity.