Looking for some inspiration

Hello there,

I am currently building a Public Map Room coupled with an Inn and some kind of plaza and stuff.
It got a bit “big” overall, but so far I like it, despite still having to re-arrange quite some stuff.

This is what I am talking about:

But now I am running out of ideas about how to decorate the area outside where the tents are (if I had known that I can’t interact anymore with them I probably wouldn’t have placed them yet -.-) and the upper plaza around the Map Room.

Therefor I am looking for some inspiration from other people. Be it pics, videos or “just” some “written ideas”.
So let your ideas flow and show off your creativity.

PS: Am also looking through the “Show your Shelters”-Thread


Add in some temples and upgrade them as far as possible. The temples (save the death/fertility one) shoot up lights to help people see the place. They also place markers in the map, making your map room that much more visible.

If you are near the water, put in fish traps. This way people could grab food if needed too.

Looks good! Nice work!

I would add a couple welcoming Bonfires on foundations out front with some decorative fencing. Fill them full of dry wood and let them stay lit. Not an issue to stock either.

Also…since this looks like a great RP center as well…may as well give some RP flavour. Dancers and some very nicely dyed armoured guards and such. A number of table and chairs with decanters, plates, cups, and things to add life. Then perhaps add a small Townsfolk Run crafting center for basic repairs…also adds life and a good warming feel for others.

Just a few ideas.

Some sweet ideas.
Thanks for them, I will look into it.

Either put rugs, pillows,jugs and cups under the tents to make it into an outdoor part of the bar, or make them into merchant stalls by putting themed items under them, like one with pottery and one with carpets etc, if you want this to be a rp trade hub?
I often do that, i also make guards look like merchants, dress them more casual, and place a table to display the wares on and maybe a stool etc for the merchant, and a couple of empty tents for players to use.

Let us know what you end up with:) We are sadly not all on the server to seek it out and enjoy it ourselves.
Nice towers btw, very Black kingdoms looking.

(i would also suggest dancers with acolyte ish clothes and some occult looking stuff around the map to enhance the fact that teleporting is magic)

Good ideas.
Not really meant as a RP hub, since I’m not a roleplayer at all, but I at least want to have a rather “organic” look to it.

It will sadly take a while until I finish it.
I tried some ideas but never got to place it to my liking, while I also have to replace vanished structures on my main base on a daily basis (which also led to the death of some thralls), which is just annoying.
I guess I’m just a bit burned out from the game right now and therefor will take a little brake for some days.
But I will get back to it after a few days/a week or so.

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