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Hi all!

Are there any reliable guides online for Thralls? I grabbed one, placed her on the Wheel of Pain, and now have her on a large campfire, and that’s about the extent of my knowledge of handling thralls.

If anyone would know of a good website for people that know nothing about thralls, I’d be most grateful.

Hello, this wiki is full of good information. Search for “Thrall” to start with, then from there branch off to each crafter thrall, or the followers (fighters and archers) to learn more.

It has all kinds of information on the game. Good luck and have fun.

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I really appreciate that, that website is a goldmine of information!

The main thing to know is that there are two main types of Thralls: crafters (like the girl cooking food for you in your campfire - just sitting there and not needing anything from you) and followers that live in the world and fight together with you (so you have to give them decent armor, weapon, and training). You can not convert a crafter into a follower and vice versa nor can you convert one crafting profession into another. So be wise choosing NPC you want to break in your Wheel of Pain. Also pay attention to different “tiers” of both types of Thralls & for different factions of your Followers: Fighters of the same tier but from different factions differ dramatically in their damage and health pool. It’s the basic knowledge you need for better understanding of all the other information you’ll find in the wiki.

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Dude, that’s good know, reading this was definitely an eye opener. Seriously, I appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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