Khitan Exile Fighter Thralls

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Any chance somebody has the admin ID for these Khitan Exile fighters that are around the Khitan merchants?

I know I can use Hyrkanian thralls, but I’ve noticed some of the Khitan thralls have the lighter skin tone.

So far I’m unsuccessful with my search through the admin panel.

Just quick reply to make sure this topic won’t be closed.
I’ll check admin panel and pippi tomorrow for the ID, for now, you should be able to get them with Bosses Be Thrallable mod, just beat them and drag them to the wheel of pain

Edit: HeadHunter_Guard

In the admin panel they are called Headhunter or something like that. Will check again when at the console.

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the magic spreadsheet has that too :stuck_out_tongue: (they’re not particularly good thralls thou)


So thrallable without mod, good to know

Thank you all very much. Appreciate the info. :pray:t2::beers:

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