We Should Have Khitan Camps & Thralls

I play as a Yamatai samurai using the Khitan race and have always had hoped that they would add Khitan npc camps to the game so we could get Khitan thralls for our Yamatai/Khitan bases and as followers.

But it seems like they are going to just tease us in chapter two and give us new armor and Khitan merchants then when the event is over we will not see any more Khitan npcs.

I would be more than happy if the T3 thralls that you get from the Khitan merchants were Khitan thralls.

That would make me want to farm the skulls even more if I could have a new kind of thrall than what is in the game already.

I was a little disappointed when watching the livestream to find that while the effort went in towards voice acting the Khitan npcs at the Witch Hunter camps, the npc faces look like generic Exiles. I recall some issue on the backend where they said they tried to use the new armors on them, and i can’t recall the exact explanation but I wish they could fix that and make these npcs embody their storyline characteristics. It does throw me out of the whole fantasy seeing Khitan voice acted npcs look like every other npc on the map. I wouldnt be opposed to an update that revamps the looks of npcs and thralls to add more variety like beards on men, the new hairstyles on them that we have and they currently do not, and even racial features like the khitan.

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