Is there a Thrall that makes the Flawless Khitan?

I did see the flawless Khitan in videos,but was wondering,which armorer can make it flawless?

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I have moved this to #conan-exiles:general-discussion as it is a general gameplay question.

Heh. Possibly from support, because support doesnt want to answer this one?
Some players checked the admin panel and said there is none.

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i found a lvl 3 , but no lvl 4 kithan armorer. i guess it’s the same story as for the forgotten tribe and the heirs of the north t4 crafting thralls…

Hmmm, I’m curious how, because I did not find any khitan npc’s via the admin controls. So if they’re not available there, how’d you find one, eh??

i just killed a khitan warrior two days ago

How did you know it was khitan?? Did it specifically say “Khitan Fighter”, because I’ve never seen one and I’m almost always enslaving thralls left and right. Trust me, I would have LOVED to have a bunch of khitan thralls.

Also, like I said, I checked via admin controls. Every NPC is available to spawn that way, and yet, there’s no khitans. I haven’t seen any when I was learning how to customize thralls via Pippi, and I didn’t see them yesterday.

So no offense, but anyone who claims to have seen khitan npc’s I’m going to call shenanigans on, because I’ve yet to see one, and I’ve captured slaves from everywhere. Plus, hard to believe people have seen one when it’s NOT in the admin controls.

i have just seen one. and i am playing a lot. it was in front of the black galleon and its name was Khitanischer Kämpfer I (i am playing in german)

i know that for sure because i am trying to get a dancer from each race and i have killed realy many dancers to make a khitan dancer spawn

Ooof, I wonder if that’s a US vs. EU thing. I’ve been told by people who play in the EU that they can actually craft the Lusttaker religious sword properly on the Derketo altar, yet to this day the US version requires it to be crafted on a blacksmith bench(which is dumb, because it requires zeal to craft).

Would you be so kind as to check your admin controls to see if you can spawn a khitan npc?? I’m now curious, because I’ve farmed the galleon more than any other place and I’ve NEVER seen a khitan npc.

i am playing on official pve server

Would you be willing to log into single player and check your admin controls?? It won’t affect anything on your server. :slight_smile:

what do i need to do ?

Go to singleplayer and just make a character. Any character will do. Then, press ~ to bring up your console and type “makemeadmin”. If you put an admin password, then it’ll be “makemeadmin password”.

From there you should see a message saying “Admin rights granted”. Hit escape and go to the admin menu. You should see a section for NPC’s with a search box. Just go to the search box and type “khitan”. If there are khitan npc’s, it’ll filter through them all and only show you ones with “khitan” in the title.

Now, I’ve been using Pippi lately, so my directions may not be exact, but they should at least point you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

Thank you as well, I appreciate this. :smiley:

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yep you’re right necrobile, i just checked and it was a kambujan t3 not a kithan, so apologize for the misinformation.

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It’s all good, sorry if I come off as rude as well. I don’t mean to, just hard not to be a grouch atm. lol

No worry mate, didn’t seem rude to me :smiley:

For sure there will be t4 named thrall somewhere in the Swamp area, but before the leadership decide and developers will do, please buy the DLC first and WAIT.

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I can confirm this for Australia on official pve pc as I’ve crafted lusttaker at the pleasure palace.

Sadly no sign of any Khitan NPCs though.

Where is there a t3 nordheim armorer at?

Right in the middle of the new asagarth (main nordheimer “heirs of the north” camp), near the carpenter and the dancing room.
His lvl is not garanteed to be 3 though…