Thrall missing and fix solution

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Several thralls are missing due to WeightSpawnDataTable rows error and missing rows : lemurian fighter lvl 4, votarie alchemist (named near the cook), taskmaster and tanner, Heirs of the North alchemist lvl 4 and forgotten tribe taskmaster lvl 4

Here the fix, red : replace rows, blue : create new rows :


yeah, i can confirm that these are broken, or at least the lemurian ones and rokkur.
But you need to mod the game to use your fix, right? It’s only available through the devkit, isn’t it?

cheers alex.

I used those fixes on my mod yep and I can confirm that works. But devs can also use these lines to the game. Modders have the same tool as the devs. Devs work on UE4, and the Devkit is UE4 with all the Conan Exiles assets. So we have the same stuff as the devs, but we have some things locked like the DLC stuff that we cant use or edit.

Thanks for the reply.
I’m currently on officials so i’m not using your mod anymore, meaning that the only fix i can get is a patch from funcom.

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