Uppdated list on Named thralls?

Dose it exista good list on what thralls ther is? Good to know what i missed and wher they are.


Yes but that dont list all names and locations.

Sounds like you have more knowledge of thralls and their locations than those fans who maintain the wiki then. If you see that something is inaccurate or missing, perhaps sign-up and then note that info on the Discussion page there…


this is a good source for many, however in a recent patch MANY more locations were added… and some locations broken.

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A yes thanks, perfect.

Hope it will be uppdated!

@Masmassu anyone is able to contribute to the wiki, as has been said.

The map may be more up-to-date than the wiki on named thralls as there are enough people providing help for the map, where there just aren’t enough active editors for the wiki right now, which I could understand. However, any more contributors on the wiki are appreciated of course, there’s way more to keep updated and datamined information isn’t always right.

Both the wiki and the map (community maps are linked on the map page) have a discord (server/channel) and I should mention the Useful links page fyi.

If you need any help or have any questions or would like to help let me know. (The fan-made discord link is pinned)


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