Guide to setup a private PvE server

I’ve just rented a private server (PC - G-Portal) and I am surprised with the number of options I have to set. All I want is to setup the server to be just like an PvE official server (same configs). How can I do that? Is there a guide or a topic for that?

Default settings should be most of it. When you look in the server browser in game, you can see a lot of the settings at the right. I believe these days they are pretty much set to 1 across the board unless there is a special circumstance where they do double harvest.

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Thanks @darthphysicist ! I’ve done exactly what you said. The settings displayed in the server list is matching the officials. I will try to match the settings in the game menu as well. Finally I can see the server being listed. But when I tried to play in the server, during the intro my charater (a woman) was replaced by a man with white hair. After the intro, the game started with my character as it should be. Do you know what could have happened? I tried to create the character twice and both times it happened.


Yeah that’s a known bug. It’s been logged and Funcom is aware. White haired dude is too wise to be contained.


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