Hair is glitching out

single player
pve i guess
idk im in single player

no matter what type of hair i have it starts to glitch

to reproduce
have hair on a female i guess (mainly long hair)

What kinda of glitching? Stops moving? (happens when game is trying to do few things)

Stretching? Clipping thru head? Starting on fire? Talking to you?

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so, heres what my character should look like Annotation%202019-05-31%20213859
and heres what my character actually looks like

also the hair glitches in and out (in the character creation screen, opening cutscene and game)
i have mods installed now but it was happening before i installed them as well.
it happens all the time no matter what i am doing

Perhaps not relevant in your case, but did you alter the height of your character when you created her?

There are known issues that affect armor and hair visuals in a semi-random fashion.



yes i did

That could cause some weird effects, and is on the devs radar, but I’m not sure what you can do about it in the meantime, sorry :frowning:

I would expect the priority to be lower than issues that prevent large numbers of people from playing at all, or disappearing altars.



ok thanks

also sometimes the loincloth will glitch out and will not come back

Hey @MeatloafOverlord

We’re aware of these physics mishaps and they’re up in our Trello board for our community to vote for its prioritization:

Thanks for your feedback.

oh nice can i get a link to your trello board pleese

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You can click on the linked card above, or just access it through this general link :slight_smile:

oh thank you so much

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