Hallowed RP/PVP PC 3x Harvest 5x XP

Hallowed RP/PVP


Warrior Mutator
Savage Steel
RP Aesthetics
Admin Skelos Collector for Warrior Mutator

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The gods have come to the exiled lands. The Acheronians have imprisoned them here just as the exiles that reside here themselves. In this land of brutality and conquest, where will you stand? Be you one more drawn towards inclinations of chaos and magic, perhaps Set is your friend. Or if you are one of strong body and strong will, perhaps Mitra will grant you his favor. Or maybe you are just looking to sate your lust and perhaps dabble in a bit of assassination. Derkheto can guide your way. With the gods all vying for control of this land, who will you choose to support? Because, we all know that a god is nothing without his/her devoted. Come to Hallowed RP/PVP and stake your claim. The gods, and those that follow them, will be searching to claim you. It is up to you to offer them your soul and devotion. Where will you stand, Exile? Aside the gods, or against them? The choice is yours. Take charge and make it.