Halloween event?

When does it start in game now and nothing is different? PS4 official server.

It seems PS4 is still waiting for the patch for it, but Xbox One and PC have the patch for it, hopefully PS4 gets it soon, preferably before Halloween ends.

Alright. Thanks.

EDIT: do thralls / pets also drop or only items ? With the event ?

Here is the link to the patch note, but in short, only random items and a new potion drop, no new thralls or pets.

Everything is diferent!!!

The Halloween event has started now :slight_smile: We’re going to roll out a patch to make things less darker, because that’s come up a few times since the patch went out yesterday.

Yes, this will also be fixed :slight_smile:

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Love the idea of this event! It even looks cool. Unfortunately with everything having a purple / blue hue to it I can only play for 1-2 hours at a time due to headaches. Other than that I like it!

When are you going to fix the metor shower drop rate. On Xbox One. It won’t stop dropping even on single player mode. And it makes it unbearable to play. And I was excited for the event. Until now. Now I just want it to go away. It’s lag city please fix please :pray:

Yes, we’re aware of this issue and we apologize for the headaches. We’ll keep it in mind for the next event :slight_smile:

Did you change your single-player server settings before this patch? If you did try changing your server settings back to default, then log out and back in again. That’s worked for a lot of players on PS4.

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