PS4 Halloween Update (31.10.2018)

Today we are kicking off our Halloween event, which will run throughout the game during the next week. Welcome, exiles, to the Night of Lost Souls!

The sky will darken as perpetual dusk falls upon the landscape, casting it in black shadows and blue light, tearing at the boundaries which separate the world of the living from the realms of the dead. The clouds will part. A new face will appear upon the moon’s surface. It is the face of death, keeping watch over whatever might stir on the ground below.

During the Night of Lost Souls, stones will fall from the sky in multitudes, striking the earth in a flurry of colored smoke and debris. Adventurous exiles can break open these stones with whatever tool they have available. Inside, they will find a plethora of crafting ingredients, both rare and common, doled out at random by the spirits lingering inside the stones, anything from Plant Fiber and Meat to Explosive Glands, Arrows and Steelfire. It all depends on the spirit’s goodwill.

Inside the fallen stones you will also discover the Potion of Lost Souls, a special brew only available on this hallowed night. Imbibing the Potion will grant you certain benefits at random. Drink one and see what happens, but don’t drink too many or your body will suffer the consequences. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

After a week, the Night of Lost Souls will pass and the sun will once again rise on the Exiled Lands. The restless spirits will be calm, yet their gifts will remain with those who received them.


  • The Conan Exiles Halloween Event is now live and will run until the 6th of November
  • Added new music, sound effects, Main Menu graphics and changed the lighting to make things more spooky
  • Torches now burn with a purple light
  • The moon’s face is now different
  • Meteors will fall from the skies, containing different kinds of loot and goodies
  • The Potion of Lost Souls can be harvested from meteors. Imbibing them will grant you a number of buffs and effects

Halloween Event Server Settings

You can use the following console commands to control meteor spawns (if you plug a keyboard into your PS4) and decay where X is the multiplier for time.

  • SetServerSetting HalloweenMeteorDecayTimer=X
    – The higher number, the rarer meteors are. Set this to a low number for more or less constant meteors.
  • SetServerSetting HalloweenMeteorSpawnTimer=X

Change log

New Content

  • The Conan Exiles Halloween Event is now live and will run until the 6th of November
  • Added new music and sound effects
  • Added new Main menu graphics
  • Changed the lighting to a perpetual, gloomy twilight
  • Torches now burn with a purple light
  • The moon’s face is now different
  • Meteors will fall from the skies, containing different kinds of loot and goodies
  • The Potion of Lost Souls can be harvested from meteors. Imbibing them will grant you a number of buffs and effects
  • Opening doors will cause bats to fly out

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the message “Pet/Thrall is no longer following you” would pop up randomly, even if you didn’t have pets following you
  • Companion hunger should no longer reset to maximum value in a single-player game after restarting the game
  • Fixed a bug that let you equip armor on pets
  • Fixed a bug where an Animal Pen would not be able to craft Pets after clearing the queue while a Pet was being tamed.
  • Fixed a bug where a new character’s gender could not be selected

QoL updates

  • Event Log will now properly log damage, death and destruction events made by pets, thralls and non-persistent NPCs
  • Added GUI/filter options for event logging
  • Toned down the damage caused by explosive arrows as they were a bit too powerful

Here are some known issues that we already collected from other platforms. Please let us know if you experience this as well:

  • Possible to walk through a specific type of door (we are already working on a hotfix for this)
  • Game is way too dark and torches or light-sources seem to not work as intended (we are investigating and have an idea what could be the issue).
  • Issue with the camera in the character creator
  • Halloween meteors sometimes not visible even though the particle effects show

Sincerest apologies for the frustration this is causing. We are trying to address these as fast as we can.
I absolutely understand that these issues are upsetting but please try to keep the input constructive.


Maybe you’ll make it until the next Halloween. You have 1 Year time. What a s…!!!

I can’t find the control setting for this, is it not available for offline play?

i see the meteors land and sometimes a particle effect but nothing to hit with a tool, i’ve tried several times but nothing is there
will this be fixed for the event or should i just not waste anymore time trying?

If it can’t be fixed by raid time, my suggestion is that official PVP servers need to be set to PvE, blocking any destruction until a fix is implemented. Just my humble opinion.

okay, i found 2 so it is possible

This has made my single player game lag badly until it just completely locks up.
I can’t find any settings to change that will help.


Great work! Just wanted to give a thumbs up. You must be working night and day, and my gf and I really appreciate it. Happy we bought the game even though some reviews were cold. Keep up the good work, with a great game!


First time I played after the update I was fine, but now I’m having the same problem the lag is so bad I can’t play at all.


So no controls on PS 4 or on the G Cloud portal… any idea when this might be fixed? Been online for a good 15 minutes and seen nothing on my server…

since the Halloween update the game lags so badly it is unplayable. all my other online games run as smooth as always, i deleted the game and re installed it, a good waste of a couple of hours, looking forward to when the event finishes so i can play again.

playing on PS4


A couple things I’ve noticed.

The day/night cycle is still running and the only time I have difficulty seeing stuff is at night. Any chance it could be suspended or for the event duration?

I recently noticed my stamina is bugged. It acts as if I’m over encumbered. Two swings of a two handed sword depletes a full stamina bar, or running about 10 feet. Climbing is out of the question. This may have started once my event potion buffs wore off. Is this a trick? Has anybody else experienced this?


Edit. No sooner did I type this and my stamina returned to normal. The effect lasted maybe a half hour. I suspect now it was the trick part of trick or treat?

How about actually fixing the game? It still freezes on anything I do

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Slight update. Found meteors in the desert now, but full stacks of weapon damage kits!?

Played for about an hour, went from temple of frost to new asagarth to the desert.

Lighting is very very weird. ToF area is brighter than normal. New Asagarth is almost pitch black. The desert has the eerie feel I think Funcom was going for. This is my personal experience so your mileage may vary. I can see why some people wouldn’t like the permanent blue glow though, and honestly on private servers or solo, there should be an option to turn it off.

I have yet to find one of these candy meteors. So no opinion on those as of this time.

The game is now completely unplayable in single player. The lag is so bad that it takes almost five minutes to end the game and return to the main menu. Don’t even get me started with the crashing and freezing, which has now got to a point that my PS4 stays on a black screen and will only switch off by pulling the plug from the wall.


Pleace fix lagg overall so i can play this game :disappointed_relieved:


Wow, this is really cool… amazing atmosphere. As luck would have it I had a meteor impact really close to my base and found two nodes virtually immediately upon logging into my game.

Was loving it (in desert)… until I tried to enter my base and couldn’t open either of my two doors, nor interact with them to return them to my inventory. I started to worry that I wouldn’t be able to access anything in my base, until I figured out I could just walk right through the door… I suppose I could have just removed a wall or something.

  • PC, single-player (local). Lots of mods.
  • Reinforced wooden doors (built into small sandstone structure)

Apart from that my game seems to be running fine, though my pc is pretty high-end. I have been experiencing very noticeably more lag since the Pet Update however, whereas prior to that my game was virtually lag free. So I just mean, I’m not noticing another performance drop with the Halloween Update.

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Not only is it too dark the lag makes playing impossible. Can’t open work stations even if able to navigate to one under this jerky lag time. Too much noise as meteors exploding constantly. Wanted to play tonight but guess that"s impossible for a week now. Just give me back my game without the halloween crap.