Harbor of the Twice Drowned Back to Insanely Bright

Game mode: Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type : All
Region: US

The glowing goop inside these vaults are back to blinding players at record speed. This was addressed in a patch recently but it appears it broke again on TestLive.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Find Vault.
  2. Enter Vault.
  3. Swim.
  4. Get Blinded.

Hey @Moirior

Thanks for the heads-up. We’ve received similar reports about this on Testlive. We’ll send note to the team so they can look (not so directly) into it.


Still an issue with revision #264624/27310:

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I can also confirm the same bug remains (though less painful on the eyes) in the Exiled Lands as well.


Thanks for the reminder.
This is caused by a bad bake of the granite materials that affect these textures. This texture seems to be failing these bakes. We’re working on a more permanent fix for it so it doesn’t get corrupted in the future.

Edit: We got word back from the team. This issue seems to only happen when loading the Testlive separate client. If loading Testlive from the beta branch of the main game, it does not appear. It seems the current version of this bug is caused by how DLC ownership is handled in the Testlive client.
@DanQuixote, @Narelle: do you load Testlive using the separate client?


@Ignasi yep - I’m loading (singleplayer) with the separate testlive client. (Not entirely sure how DLC ownership comes into it for me, since I’m seeing the issue in the exiled lands, - but I do certainly have the DLCs and I probably wouldn’t understand the explanation anyway :wink: ). Good to know that the team seems to have identified the issue :slight_smile: I’ll assume that means it should be ok when testlive goes live and keep my eyes open just in case it slips through (won’t need to keep my eyes very far open - it’s easy to spot, lol).

I do use a separate client as well. Hopefully, the issue won’t re-appear when the patch is pushed to live then.

same here i just play in exiled lands with dlc and use the testlive client and see the goop as basically shinny blocks

I was not aware there was another way to access Testlive other then the Separate Client. So there is 2 separate Testlive clients and they behave different depending how you load Testlive?!? That seems so weird.

Besides that how do I get to Testlive Thru this Beta Branch of the Main Game you spoke of?

Here’s where we detail how to access Testlive via the two current methods:

If anyone is accessing the game through the second method, could you let us know if this issue is present for you in there?

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Interesting, I’ll give this a try at some point but honestly this seems like a lot of work to keep going thru this process back and forth with changing it from Testlive to Live. In my opinion this drop down process should be removed since there is a dedicated launcher for Testlive, maybe it’s just me.

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Some people don’t want to have two clients taking space and they don’t mind downloading it only when needed. I am also using the dedicated client but for me space is not an issue. Having options is good.

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Having options doesn’t seem good when it sounds like they are saying Testlive behaves different depending on how you Launch Testlive.

And besides that it downloads Testlive from Steam doing it the drop down way, whats the difference? For space you can simply uninstall the Dedicated Launcher and reinstall when you don’t want it, it seems exactly the same space wise, what am I missing in that regard?

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I have tried multiple times launching Testlive like this and it runs terrible, it’s so choppy, unplayable. But besides that when I go to enter a vault the game crashes every single time right away. Running TestLive like this is amazingly choppy.


The downside of running Testlive via the beta branch is that any mods installed on the normal branch will also apply, which can and will cause a myriad of unintended issues.
Regarding the branch being a good or bad idea, it is just Steam functionality that comes bundled in. The separate Testlive client uses that branch as default, while the standard client offers it as an option. It being a different product with a separate product id, though, helps with having a separate environment for players to test with its own settings and whatnot.
This is what is also causing the bake issues with the textures of the glowing goop of the Harbor of the Drowned, since it’s located in the Siptah DLC assets folder, which causes some errors in DLC ownership and configuration when loaded on the separate Testlive client.

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I have Zero installed mods, It’s too much of hassle for me to switch back and forth when I want to play Official and must uncheck all mods and relaunch the game. So I only play with no mods installed.

None the less, thanks.

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