Has mirror image been

Has mirror imaged been nerfed? Because it most definitely is not holding aggro anymore. Bosses are ignoring it completely. Which means it’s useless. I don’t need it to hold aggro against normal mobs, I need it for bosses! I don’t even use it for normal mobs. If it’s been nerfed please undo the nerf.


from my knowledge first in authority perks that makes your thralls draw aggro from you , maybe thats why

tho i agree it feels buggy and useless now , lets hope they fix it

That’s not one of the corrupted perks, it’s the first perk in authority unless you corrupt it then it’s something else. Anyway mirror image worked fine up until the patch so I’m thinking it was either nerfed or there’s a bug. And I’m leaning toward nerf because it only occurred after the patch. It didn’t even need a nerf. At best it’s aggro wasn’t 100%. Enemies would break off of it and attack the player or the thrall. It won’t do a thing now.

I’m going to retest this first chance I get and if the bosses ignore it again I’m going to report it as a bug. I would have preferred if more people chimed in on this and said something about their experiences with this spell since the patch but they didn’t so I’ll just have to do what I can.

The mirror image spell is bugged. When cast in front of a boss creature it will get it’s attention but will lose aggro with the first hit by the player and will never regain it.


excuse me?

you are excused

I certainly hope this will be fixed before it’s released to the retail version of the game.

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