Why i can't see this bug being addressed in 3.0.1 patch ? ( if any dev's or support around would be great to answer )

both demonlord perk and zombies from summon attack your thralls , pls make them allied

and also buff summon zombies spell , it takes forever for them to come one by one , by the time they all out the fight would already end , let alone they got only 100 hp which is really really low and get 1 shot easily

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because its already out, with console validation, there will be NO MORE FIXES until later date.

knowing funcom expect the first hotfix next week,

welcome to the age of the undead XD

Also it could be their settings or something. Nothing like that happened in all the testing I did. That only happens when you intentionally have the newly resurrected zombie/demon stop following and break them from your clan.

bug happens on and off , they don’t always happens , maybe it doesn’t happen to you but it happened to them

thats why i needed dev or moderator to atleast clarify for us whats going on

Gotcha. Ya at this point nothing can be done until after release tomorrow. Im sure there will be patches to fix some issues that come up

This isnt a bug its intended so no it wont be “fixed”

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