Hatchets and daggers missing targets on female characters

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Misc
Region: Ontario Canada

Not sure if this is really a bug or something that may need to be suggested, but I have noticed that some weapons/tools, specifically the ones swung sideways (like hatchets and daggers) swing right over targets, missing them completely. I am unable to target downwards, and must maneuver my character over onto an incline where the target is a touch higher than she is in order for the weapon/tool to strike.
this makes fighting things like gators, harvesting bodies using a hatchet, harvesting stone with a pickaxe, etc, difficult and sometimes impossible (requiring a swap to another tool in the case of stationary targets)
I play a female character.
My husband says he does not have this issue on his male character, so its possible that its an issue with the angle of the female character’s target windows? I don’t know.

It doesn’t appear to be a constant, either, sometimes it hits other times it does not. I just swapped from stone to iron daggers, and while stone worked fine, iron daggers often swing harmlessly through the air over the heads of the gators I’m trying to keep from chomping my legs off.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Equip tool or weapon that uses a sideways swinging motion - hatchet, dagger, etc
  2. attack a target waist height or lower (may need to be a bit lower still)
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Foreword: I too have a female character.

Right now, using a hardened steel hatchet I am unable to harvest anything from corpses that lie on level ground. The hatchet just swings above the corpse. I am unable to aim it downward in third and first person view, the hatchet simply refuses to swing in any direction but horizontal. When I’m lucky and the corpse lies on a slope, the hatchet can hit it, but the physics is overpowered and chances are the corpse will simply fly away (and land horizontally -.- ).

I also noticed that swords/greatswords often swing harmlessly above targets that are long and flat (e.g. crocodiles).

Not just alligators, corpses that have a low hit box are also trouble. Pickaxe works, skinning knife works… it’s just hatchets and certain weapons that are almost guaranteed to miss.

I thought it was just my character, but my husband’s male character is having similar issues, just not as badly as my female/smaller character.
I think the angle of the swings is different, maybe, and thats affecting the targeting?

but yes… harvesting corpses using a hatchet is impossible on flat ground, they have to be on a slope and a little higher up than my character or she misses it.

it seems to be anything that swings sideways rather than downward. Daggers, hatchets, pickaxes, swords, etc.

A workaround I have found is that if you swing your tool and then press crouch as the animation starts you can hit things. It works well when farming puffball mushrooms or crystal.